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Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Floor refinishing removes years of scratches, dings, dents, and general wear from your hardwood floors. We can even repair deep gouges or any kind of damage. Floor refinishing brings old hardwood floors back to life and makes them beautiful again. When refinishing, we can even change the color and surface sheen of the floor. You may choose from a wide variety of stains for a subtle or complete change of color. Refinishing typically costs in the range from $3-$5 per square foot.

"Peter, we are so glad you guys suggested staining our floor a darker color when we had it refinished. And thanks for making all the test samples so we could get just the perfect shade. It looks so much warmer and richer and really changes the whole feel of the room. I love it!"

-- Brad and Kristen, Sammamish.

If your floor has only minor scuffs and scratches or is looking dull, a partial refinish or new top coat may be all you need to make your wood floor look new. Top coating is only $1-$2 per square foot. Your floor may never need to be fully refinished if you care for your wood floor with top coating on a regular basis.

To refinish your hardwood floor, the top surface is sanded to expose the bare wood floor. Sanding creates dust. Before the sanding process, the work area is carefully wrapped with plastic and sealed off from the rest of the house. In addition special vacuum equipment is used to keep your home dust free. We pride ourselves on leaving your home neat and clean after your floor is refinished. Zvara Custom Wood Floors finishes your hardwood floor to the highest standards. While some contractors cut corners on refinishing by using lower quality finish products or not hand-sanding difficult to reach corner areas. We always hand-sand where needed and use at least three coats of the highest quality finish sealant on your floor.

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