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HardWood Floor Installation

Once you have selected your choice of hardwood flooring, it will be delivered to your home to "acclimate" prior to installation. Acclimation is an important step in the floor installation process and is crucial for a quality hardwood floor. Wood naturally expands and contracts with variations in moisture and temperature. Acclimation helps bring the wood’s moisture content and temperature close to that of your home. Without allowing time for proper acclimation, your wood floor could potentially develop buckling or spacing gaps. The time required for acclimation varies based on the wood species, as well as the humidity of your home.

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Cutting and Fitting

Next, the Zvara family of skilled craftsmen will install your wood floor -- carefully cutting and fitting, as well as arranging the wood grain and shading variations in a pleasing manner. Depending on the type of wood and sub-flooring, the hardwood flooring is then fastened using nails, staples, glue, or a self-locking mechanism. A 10' x 20' room can be complete in one to two days depending upon complexity.


Skillful sanding is essential for a great finish. The sanding process can vary depending upon the type of wood and the finish that will be applied. Sanding of course creates dust, but we pride ourselves on leaving your home neat, clean, and dust-free. Before sanding, all non-working areas and cabinets are carefully wrapped with plastic and sealed off. In addition, a special vacuum system is used during the sanding process to remove any dust from your home. We treat your home and belongings with great care and respect.


Staining your new wood floor is an option that adds beautiful color and richness. A wide variety of stain colors and hues are available to choose from, or we can custom mix a shade to your preference. The topcoat finish and sealer creates a durable surface that helps keep your wood floor protected for years. We always apply three coats of the highest quality finish available -- for that extra measure of durability.

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