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Hardwood Floor Stain & Wood Floor Finish

Two different finishing processes are available for hardwood floors. On-site finish is applied when the bare boards are installed, sanded, and finished in your home. Factory finished boards are finished at the factory before installation and do not require sanding or finishing on-site. Each type of finish has its own benefits. We specialize in on-site finished flooring.

"The floors look fabulous! I could hardly believe it was the same tired, scratched floor we had before, and we love the matching wood heat register covers. They look so much nicer than the old metal ones."

-- The Peterson family, Issaquah

On-Site Finish

On-site finish is typically used on solid wood boards, which can be re-sanded and finished many times over the long life of the floor. The site-finished floor will be sanded smooth into a surface that does not have small grooves between the boards. Factory finished flooring will help small grooves between the boards after installation. You also have a wide variety of stains, finishes and sealers. On-site finish gives you greater control over the design and appearance of your floor.

Types of Hardwood Floor Finishes Used Today:

Classic Swedish

This is a traditional finish for hardwood floors. It is available in high gloss, satin, "egg shell", and matte sheens. It is slightly amber in tint and adds depth that becomes richer over time.


This is an environmentally friendly floor finish. Water-Borne products now offer the same durability of classic Swedish finishes. It is also available in high gloss, satin, "egg shell", and matte sheens. This finish resists yellowing, is very clear, and transparent.

Hand-Rubbed Oil

This is also an environmentally friendly finish. It is available only in a matte finish and it gives the floor a look of patina and depth. This type of finish is commonly used in Europe.

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Wood floor stain and finish on a cork floor

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